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Consider concrete polishing company Oshawa floors? Are you fed up with your outdated concrete floor showing signs of age like stains, cracks, or yellow spots? Do you want to upgrade your concrete floor without stretching your budget? If you are looking for a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to improve the appearance of concrete on your property, try concrete polishing.

Having your concrete polished to a high-gloss shine extends its life to several years and adds beauty to your space. Besides, you can choose your preferred concrete design from a wide range of colours, attributes, and characteristics according to their usage.

This article gives a detailed overview of concrete polishing company Oshawa, its benefits, and some of its major commercial applications.

What’s the Concrete Polishing Company Oshawa?

Brief Introduction:

Concrete polishing is an effective remodelling method that gives your concrete flooring a brilliant finish and results in glossiness. It is more than just a polishing technique and gives a smooth, elegant, and excellent surface finish with no need to wax.

You can get the look of a fully refined natural stone with commercial concrete polishing both on old surfaces of freshly-poured concrete. The process is very simple but efficient and leaves durable, nice-looking, and high-performance flooring. Concrete professionals often refer to polishing as a better and more long-term solution than granite, marble, tile, or coated concrete.

The whole process of concrete polishing completes in multiple steps and allows you to choose your desired high-gloss sheen according to your commercial or stylistic requirements. Similarly, you can modernize your workplace by installing polished concrete from reliable concrete polishing companies.

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The beauty and durability of concrete floors are necessary to retain the elegance and attractiveness of commercial buildings. However, cyclic stresses and various external factors gradually reduce the shine of concrete floors and make them look outdated.

Concrete polishing company Oshawa is a reliable, highly-efficient, and economical process to retain the appearance of concrete floors and extend their lives. Polished concrete requires no or little maintained and can be cleaned by simply sweeping and mopping. Besides, its high slip resistance and glossy surface make concrete polishing an ideal solution to reduce energy costs and improve the elegance of your premises.

Finally, polished concrete has high strength and moisture resistance that make commercial floors durable and make them useable for longer periods. Polished concrete floor is a great base for future epoxy floor coatings.

Why You Should Consider Epoxy Pros as The Best Concrete Polishing Company in Oshawa:


Concrete floor polishing is a long-term and cost-effective solution that does not require specific materials. Polished concrete is inexpensive to maintain as you can use already existing concrete without installing new materials. 

Similarly, concrete polishing is a simple process and its maintenance is very easy. You can clean the smooth surface by sweeping and mopping and can restore the shine with touch-up polishing. Besides, polished concrete has a longer life and significantly reduces the replacement costs in the future. 

Hence, concrete polishing enables you to maintain the attractiveness of your property without constant treatments, expensive maintenance, or deep cleans.

Aesthetic Value

Good looking shiny concrete floors appeal to everyone. Particularly, the color choice and design of your workplace’s floor contribute a lot in attracting more customers and bringing value to your business.

Concrete polishing makes your floor reflect like glass and you can also match the rest of your décor by adding your favorite colors. This way, you can make a good first impression on your visitors and improve your staff’s morale in the warehouse or manufacturing unit.

Safety & Cleanliness

From the safety perspective, concrete polishing is the safest and most secure way to use commercial floors without any risk of an accident. The high slip resistance of polished concrete makes it easy-to-use for individuals and equipment alike. Even if the water is spilled on the surface, polished concrete offers better traction and provides a strong grip for shoes.

Besides, concrete floor polishing creates a highly dense, durable, and stain-resistant surface that prevents spills from penetrating deep into the floor. You do not need regular burnishing or waxing after concrete polishing.


If you are highly sensitive to environmental sustainability and want to earn a green footprint, concrete polishing can help you achieve your desired goal.

Despite using artificial materials during the process, you can get a fine floor surface without creating a lot of waste since the process does not require several materials. Even if your floor has heavy machinery or vibrating equipment, polished concrete is the best solution to reduce the need to replace machinery due to its strong resistance against wear and tear.

The fine, seamless, and shiny finish of polished concrete is eco-friendly and does not impact the surrounding environment.


Due to its smooth and glossy surface, polished concrete reflects more light than ordinary flooring options or coating techniques. Installing concrete floor polishing at your business can help you create a brighter environment for your customers where they enjoy buying their desired products.

Moreover, the brightness of concrete polishing improves the aesthetic look of your workplace and makes it a desirable place for your employees. You can also lower your energy costs by carefully installing highly reflective surfaces and using them to enlighten your premises in daylight.


Concrete polishing can nearly double the hardness of your floor because it improves the density of the concrete’s molecules. On the Mohs scale, you can achieve a hardness level of 7 by using polished concrete. Compared to conventional flooring materials and options, this is a significant value in terms of durability, efficiency, and resilience.

Polished concrete has a high impact resistance, which makes it very useful in environments that can handle heavy machinery or loads. Nevertheless, the quality of concrete polishing is directly linked to the durability of your floor. Hence, it is advisable to acquire the services of a professional installer for concrete polishing in Oshawa.

Moisture Resistance

Moisture negatively affects your floor surface and decrease the attractiveness of your property. Polished concrete is highly resistant to moisture and allows the floor to breathe.

Consequently, you can get rid of moisture-related issues that arise as a result of sealed concrete by using traditional flooring options such as epoxy, artificial coatings, and urethane.

Less Downtime

If you are the owner of a large megastore or shopping mall, you cannot afford to shut down your business even for a second. So, if you want to repair your outdated floor surface and make it look like new without interrupting your business activities, polished concrete is the best option for you.

Due to the simplicity of its process, polished concrete can be put into service immediately without unnecessary delays. You can even keep your marketplace open during the polishing process.


A polished concrete floor has a longer life and prolonged serviceability due to high impact resistance, durability, and efficiency. The durability of polished concrete is even more than VCT floors, or linoleum because all these flooring options require replacement after some time.

On the other hand, polished concrete floors service for longer periods and remain intact as long as the slab exists.

Major Commercial Applications

Epoxy Pros recommends the following applications of commercial epoxy coating:

Manufacturing units
Pulp & paper plants
Packaging areas
Grocery stores
Water parks
Living rooms

Shopping malls
Research centers
Art galleries
Commercial facilities

Educational institutions
Corporate offices
Public walkways
Storage areas
Industrial units

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