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Why epoxy floor coating Uxbridge is important is a go-to solution? Every business owner wants to have shiny, attractive, and elegant premises to give customers a stunning first look. Well-decorated and properly organized commercial buildings attract more clients and result in enhanced revenues.

Similarly, safety and security are the primary requirements of every business irrespective of the size or scope. While you can customize the appearance of your business with concrete, applying durable and colourful coatings is essential to extend the life of your commercial concrete setting.

Hence, you need something elegant and long-lasting that could enhance the attractiveness of your business premises and improve the resilience of its floor.

Epoxy floor coating Uxbridge is the most reliable and long-term solution if you want to protect your concrete floor from abrasive elements and make your business look elegant. This article explains some of the exclusive benefits of commercial epoxy floor coatings.

Why Epoxy Pros are experts in epoxy floor coating Uxbridge?

Brief Introduction:

Epoxy floor coating Uxbridge coating is applied on concrete floors in markets or industries to get a smooth, elegant, and high-performance surface. These coatings are very useful in a commercial setting due to their durability that enables concrete floors to withstand heavy loads without losing their appearance.

A wide range of commercial epoxy flooring in Uxbridge is available in the market in various colours. You can install these coatings in your commercial or industrial facility, depending on your business requirements.

Our Epoxy Floors advisors usually suggest to some companies also install customized commercial epoxy floor coatings for specific applications such as aesthetic coatings and chemical resistant coatings. The ultimate goals of these coatings are to increase the life of your concrete floor and improve the attractiveness of your premises.

Epoxy Floor Coating Uxbridge Preparation:

An epoxy coating properly adheres to a clean concrete surface that is fully cured and slightly porous. Before applying the coating, make sure that the concrete is not sealed or polished as epoxy may not bond to such surfaces.

Repair all major cracks on your floor and remove all the grease from the surface for better adhesion and durability. Make sure there are no patches on the surface if you want long-term results.

Similarly, it is necessary to test the performance of your old concrete floor for previous layers of epoxy applied over the years. For this purpose, pour some water onto the surface of the concrete floor. If the water gets soaked in completely, your floor is ready for coating, but if it beads on the surface, you cannot apply an epoxy coating as the floor is likely to be sealed.

Another factor to be considered before applying commercial epoxy coating is to check the temperature since unfavorable temperatures often cause bubbling on the epoxy layer. After mixing the two-part epoxy liquid, strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and apply the coating as soon as possible before it starts to harden.

How epoxy coatings are applied:

Step 1: Concrete Preparation

First of all, the top thin concrete layers are removed mechanically to eliminate all kinds of contaminants that could interfere with the bond.

Step 2: Bond Coat

A chemically resistant UV bond coat is then applied, which penetrates deep into the concrete and gives a rich tough finish that lasts for years.

Step 3: Media Coat

In the third step, a heavy blanket of media is applied to create a durable and solid formation by excessing into the bond coat.

Step 4: CR Top Coat

Finally, a thick UV resistant CR top coat is applied, which encapsulates the media and gives an elegant and touch finished floor.

Applications of Epoxy Floor Coating Uxbridge

Epoxy Pros recommends the following applications of commercial epoxy coating:

Epoxy Anti-Static Floor Coating

This type of coating is feasible in a static-free environment where static-sensitive components are used. The most common applications of epoxy anti-static floor coating are hospitals, research centers, labs, and high-tech manufacturing plants.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy Coating

This type of coating has very good mechanical strength that makes it ideal for use in those environments that are subjected to heavy truck traffic. Similarly, due to its excellent anti-slip properties, self-dispersing epoxy with quartz sand is used in slippery conditions with excessive liquids like food processing industries.

Mortage Epoxy Coatings

This type of coating is the strongest of all commercial floorings and is often used in heavy industry applications. Mortage epoxy coatings are also useful for repairing cracks on concrete floors.

Epoxy Flaked Floor Coatings

Epoxy Flaked Floor Coatings are considered a style of applying other types of epoxy floorings. In this type of coating, multicoloured flakes are poured on the wet epoxy coating to get a fine decorative finish.

Self-leveling Epoxy Coating

This type of coating is added on new or old concrete floors because it is very easy to install them and create smooth surfaces in dining room floors, kitchens, office buildings, retail stores, garages, shopping centers, and warehouses.

Solid Epoxy Floor

This type of epoxy material is considered the most durable and 100% solid in all types of floorings often recommended by professional installers. They have a longer life and can last up to 20 years even under extremely harsh conditions like abrasion, heavy human traffic, tire marks, and chemically potent substances. The epoxy floor coatings can be dried by adding hardeners.

Vapor Barrier Epoxy Coating

This type of coating provides an impenetrable surface when directly applied over concrete floors before adding the final flooring surface like hardwood floors or tile. They are very useful in reducing vapor transmission to nearly zero

Graveled Epoxy Coatings

These types of epoxy coatings are commonly used for decoration purposes like adding brand marks, logotypes, and decorative details to floors.

Looking for Reliable Epoxy Flooring Company in Uxbridge?

Epoxy floor coating Uxbridge provides smooth and high-performance floorings in your premises. They not only enhance the life of your polished concrete floor but also improve the overall appearance of your building.

Different kinds of commercial epoxy flooring are available in the market according to their functions and applications, including acid-resistant, UV-resistant, wear-resistant, and chemical resistant. You can find and purchase your desired epoxy coating online from different websites.

Commonly used types of epoxy floor coatings include graveled epoxy coatings, mortage epoxy coatings, epoxy flaked floor coatings, self-dispersing epoxy coating, self-leveling epoxy coating, epoxy anti-static floor coating.

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