Types of epoxy flooring in Toronto

Types of epoxy flooring in Toronto

Types of epoxy flooring in Toronto

If you’re looking for clean, sparkling, and durable flooring options, you better check out what epoxy floors have to offer. Epoxy flooring is a qualified surface coating. It gives your concrete floor a certain level of protection against the usual wear and tear.

Epoxy flooring in Toronto coating is a combination of liquid polymer resin and liquid hardening chemicals. The resulting mixture can be used as a base material that acts as a protective coating for your floor.

However, epoxy floors are not limited to concrete only. You can apply them even on wooden floors, too. Or you can opt to have your entire floor made from epoxy.

 Epoxy floor coating is ideal for residential applications. But their inherent anti-static properties make them good also for electronic manufacturing laboratories. Floor systems on such facilities have strong electrical charges. Positive electrical charges run the risk of exposing sensitive electronic equipment to potential damage. 

 Below are the different types of epoxy flooring options to choose from:

Opaque system

The opaque system is a popular epoxy flooring in Toronto application. They are usually found in work environments and manufacturing facilities because of their high resistance to chemical products. If slippery conditions are a primary concern, you can remedy it by incorporating silica sand broadcast upon application. Alternatively, you can also use aluminum oxide pellet broadcast.

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Flakes system

Achieve this type of epoxy floors with the use of an assortment of colour flakes. If you have a more discriminating taste for your home interiors, custom colour options are available. These can help in adding some dramatic effect to the aesthetics of this floor system. 

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Metallic system

The metallic type of epoxy floor is not only a high performing floor system, it also comes with a high aesthetic value. A metallic epoxy floor will stand up to a heavy traffic environment. This is the reason why it tends to add value to your home interior spaces. The accent of this epoxy floor coating is its seamless colour and beautiful finish.

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Quartz system

The quartz type is a durable flooring application. Its double broadcast of coloured quartz aggregates makes it distinct from all other epoxy flooring in Toronto. Use it in heavy traffic environments that call for high traction properties. 

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Garage and Parking Membranes

The garage and parking membranes offer great noise reduction capability. This feature of this flooring type minimizes tire squeal noise, a common complaint in almost every car parking environment. Hence, the name.

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Cove base system

The cove base system comes easy with every kind of finish, from flakes system to opaque, quartz, and more. The underlying reason why this type of floor system is very pleasing to the eyes is due to its cove radius. It also makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

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Waterproofing (Pool) system

A waterproofing system is usually applied to swimming pool equipment. It is used to prepare a pool’s final surface coating. Compared to having your pool overlaid with pool floor ceramic tiles, this option is a better alternative.  

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Bridge system

Do you require no less than durable but a high performing flooring system? The bridge system is made from an elastomeric polyurethane coating. This explains the reason why it also comes with an impeccable waterproofing property. 


Conductive ESD system

 The ESD or Electrostatic Discharge Protection concrete flooring system lets you pick between its conductive or electrostatic dissipative properties. It is usually highlighted by consistent readings at any point in its entire lifespan.
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Hangar system

 The hangar system offers the most versatility among these types of epoxy floor coatings. This is all because you can apply it to a handful of requirements and specifications. As the name denotes, they are often used in a fuel hangar, storage hangar, or maintenance hangar. Such facilities need floor systems that promote efficiency and safety in the area. 

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Epoxy flooring in Toronto – Conclusion

These epoxy floor coating compounds give us premium opportunities to personalize our flooring systems. Highly recommended even for those who have a discriminating taste for style. Each type of  Toronto epoxy flooring coated floor is a completely independent solution. They help us in addressing different kinds of rough use conditions. Besides, they are highly resistant to surface damage, and also dispels water and stain.

As for their upkeep or maintenance, this usually involves the use of a damp cloth. You clean it in the same manner that you squeaky clean your regular kitchen countertop. Alternatively, a damp floor mop can get the job done, too. If you’re looking for professional epoxy contractors, check Epoxy Pros reviews and contact us today.

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