How to maintain an epoxy floor

How to maintain an epoxy floor

Epoxy floors are synthetic systems that are applied on concrete floors for protection and decoration. Commercial buildings often have epoxy floors in Toronto due to their durability, customizability, and decorative surface. This blog provides guidance on how property owners can clean and maintain their epoxy floors for an ultimate shine and better result.

To clean and maintain epoxy floors properly, it is important to avoid using bleach, vinegar, acid, and most soap cleaners as they can harm the epoxy resin. Instead, use warm water and gentle cleansers to clean the flooring. Here are some best practices for cleaning and maintaining epoxy floors:

  1. Keep the floor dirt-free by using a vacuum cleaner regularly.
  2. Spot clean spills and stains immediately using warm water and a mop.
  3. Remove stains by gently scrubbing with warm water and a sponge.
  4. Get rid of chemical spills, such as engine oil and spilled gas, immediately using towels.
  5. Clean highly-soiled floors by vacuuming and mopping with warm water. A solution of water and ammonia can be used if necessary.
  6. Avoid using soap-based cleaners as they can harm the epoxy floors.

Recoating an epoxy floor is necessary if property managers start noticing any irregularities on the flooring, such as bubbling, resin peeling, or visible wear and tear. Professionals can fill up any cracks, clean the floor of any debris, sand the previous coating, and apply a brand-new one.

Pressure-washing an epoxy floor should be avoided as it can harm the epoxy resin. It is advisable to clean the flooring in a gentle fashion using warm water and gentle cleansers.

To make epoxy floors last longer, stay attentive to any signs of damage, clean car chemicals immediately, and mop the floor gently with warm water.

Epoxy Pros can provide professional assistance with cleaning, maintenance, and recoating of epoxy floors without harming the resin. Call us for assistance.


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