Epoxy Garage Floor Toronto

Is your garage floor beaten up from overuse, uneven, and collects tons of dust? Are you looking to give your home a makeover without breaking the bank? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then epoxy garage floor Toronto is for you so read on.

Epoxy is a widely used floor system in the Toronto (GTA) for garage, residential, and as a commercial flooring solution . It’s done by applying synthetic resin on top of concrete. Thermosetting resin is poured and coated in several layers. It serves as protection and beautification for your floor.

An adaptable substance, garage epoxy floor Toronto can be customized to numerous degrees, depending on your aesthetic need. You can choose from different colors, styles, decorative options and categories of application.

Epoxy Garage Floor Toronto
Epoxy Garage Floor Toronto

Why Choose Epoxy Garage Floor Toronto?

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Get your garage that fresh new look with garage epoxy floor Toronto! Since most garage floors are already made of concrete, epoxy flooring will be an easy solution. No more pulling out your old flooring to upgrade to a new finish. Pump up your garage with colours or custom designs for added flair.

Epoxy is impact resistant and can withstand vehicles rolling day in and day out. It is a perfect choice even for commercial garages as it doesn’t take much to maintain.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Give your house the makeover it deserves. Beautiful flooring will instantly brighten up the four corners of your home. Check out the many available finishes and colours to match your walls, furniture, or the overall look of your interior. If you have existing floors that are ancient yet intricate, and you want to resurface them, epoxy flooring is also the key! Not only will it highlight the existing design, but it also protects it to last longer.

Toronto Epoxy Garage Floor Benefits:

Secure: Epoxy floors are installed with anti-skid elements during the process. You can be assured that you’re protected from injury-causing slips. It is also environment friendly with zero explosive organic compounds.


Low Maintenance:  A mop and soap will do the trick; it doesn’t take much to clean and maintain your epoxy flooring. Its resin layer is dust, liquid and chemical resistant. You can easily wipe off any type of spills on it.


Looks great: Choose a glossy or matte finish, use some colors, designs, add some metallic pigments, geometric patterns or 3D effects – the possibilities are endless in customizing your epoxy flooring. These styles will last and won’t fade over time too.


Durable: Heavy machines and foot traffic? Epoxy flooring can take them all. You don’t need to worry about spilling gas, oil, transmission fluid and other chemicals because epoxy flooring is resistant to all of them. It’s hard-wearing and extremely tough.


Affordable: Epoxy flooring is cheaper compared to other flooring systems. You can DIY it or have a professional install it for you. It lasts for years, making you save more on maintenance in the long run. Epoxy flooring’s life cycle cost is also low, meaning if you ever have to replace it, it will still cost you less than replacing a concrete substrate.


Protective Barrier: Epoxy is a thicker coat compared to most paints, covering and hiding all cracks on your concrete. It acts as a layer of protection over your concrete from moisture, stains, cracks and grease. It’s easy to clean and maintain, preventing disgusting grout accumulation.

Garage Epoxy Flooring Types:


Mostly used in commercial establishments, epoxy terrazzo is an ornamental flooring. It’s a mixture of granite, marble, glass and colored epoxy to get the desired effect. Once it sets, it is refined to a smooth, attractive texture.


A trowel is needed in installing epoxy screeds because this one’s thicker from 4-6mm of coating. A power floater is used to ensure a smooth and level application. Epoxy screed flooring is very durable and highly impact-resistant. It is the type that’s great for heavy-duty industrial buildings.


This anti-static epoxy flooring has electrostatic protectors. It transfers static to clear earthing points. It is used in laboratories and manufacturing buildings.


Self levelers are for the brave epoxy flooring DIYers. Prep your concrete, apply the liquid from 1-3mm and watch it smooth out the surface on its own. Electronic plants and pharmaceuticals use self-leveling epoxy because it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Flake coating

An anti-slip method, flake coating is adding colored flakes on top of the base coat to create a non-skid textured pattern. It gives an exceptional, modern look perfect for high density areas.

Epoxy Garage Floor Toronto
Epoxy Garage Floor Toronto

Our Garage Epoxy Floor Installation Process

Installing your epoxy floor might look easy, but strict adherence to the process is what gets it done right the first time. The garage is cleaned thoroughly first, taking out dust and debris. Then, you need to check for pits and cracks. Once you find some, fill them all to make a leveled surface prepped for the installation. Apply a thin layer of primer, and then let it dry. Once dry, an epoxy topcoat will follow, and a second coat, depending on the design or style chosen. After it dries up completely, the floor will be buffed to an even finish.

Why Choose Us:

We only use high standard products and up to date designs for your epoxy flooring. We have a team of experts ready to help you – from deciding which type of flooring best suits your needs, to making the vision come alive in your home. Our team members are hand-picked, knowledgeable, and trained to be the best in their field. We are big in customer satisfaction. We value your opinion and we are dedicated to our work. We service anywhere in Toronto, catering to residential and commercial properties, and will always arrive with complete manpower and tools to get the job done in no time. Check our reviews from previous clients on our Google listing.

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